Accepted Grants


Breathe for Change

Allows for a Middle School teacher to receive her yoga certification though Cosmic Kids to complement Calm Classroom initiatives. 

Alden Read Aloud

Purchases a set of books for each grade level at Alden School for teachers to use as Interactive Read Alouds during the 2018-2019 school year. This will allow each grade level to have the same shared reading experience. 

Drama & Poetry Materials

Purchases costumes, props, and two green screens for the 8th grade English video/audio presentations during drama and poetry units. 

ESL Chrome Books

Purchases 6 Chromebooks to use with ESL (English as a Second Language) students with a goal of improving writing and technology skills. 

Keyboarding Program

IFunds a modified one-year pilot program at Alden School to teach kids in Grades 3-5 digital literacy and keyboarding skills. This program is more interactive and instructional based whereas the current keyboarding program is more student driven and not digitalized.

Community Garden

Purchases two raised garden beds for a community garden to be installed at Duxbury Middle School. 

Calm Classroom

Purchases classroom tools at Chandler School to complement calm classroom initiatives from last year's grant. Items include wobble & ball chairs, desk fidgets, beanbag chairs, standing desks, bouncy bands, yoga teaching certification. 

Virtual Reality Teaching Tool

Purchases ten student kits of Google Expeditions, which is a virtual reality teaching tool that includes 500 expeditions to be used in a social studies classroom at Duxbury Middle School. 

Horizontal Climbing Wall

Funds a horizontal climbing wall in the Alden gym to add to the already used elements climbing walls at other Duxbury schools.

Personal Food Computers

Funds the building and operation of 3-4 personal food computers (PFC) that are designed to grow a variety of foods in a controlled environment. PFC's will be used in a variety of biology classes at Duxbury High School. 

Guided Reading Library

Purchases a guided reading library at Chandler School that is accessible to all Chandler teachers to support the new balanced literacy curriculum


The following grants were awarded in 2015:


Inspiration for Robotics workshop for teachers


30 MacBook Airs for Intervention use
Graduate level course for teacher development


Social studies conference for teacher development


Tides & Transition's pilot for integrated instruction
Shakespeare Now Theater Company production
Duxbury Dragon journalism conference


Steel drums for music enrichment


iPads for Apple Core Support
Robotics research and development



To celebrate innovation in our Duxbury schools, we donated Academic Banners to the new Duxbury High School building.  These recognize an innovative salute in learning achievement across all curriculums at the high school level.


In 2014, the DEF funded 15 grant requests, across all four schools. The total funding for 2013-2014 was $111,324 and included the following grants:

Apple Core Team (Chandler/Alden/DMS/DHS)
This grant covers the development of a program in Duxbury of a sustainable, in-house team of exceptional teachers who immerse iOS and OSX into all aspects of their planning and classroom experience. The grant will provide the core team with the devices necessary to access and utilize the full potential of Apple products.

Online Math Games (Chandler)
This grant provides online math games that align with the Common Core so teachers can provide first and second grade students with enhanced instruction through technology.

Social Thinking Curriculum (Chandler)
This grant provides materials on best practices for educating all students, general and special education. It also provides resources to students who struggle with basic academic concepts to learn and practice social thinking skills.

Preschool Workshop and Instructional Materials (Chandler)
For the first time, the DEF is proud to offer a grant to Chandlers Integrated Preschool program. The grant will allow two preschool teachers to attend a workshop offering specific instruction on how to teach Pre-K Readiness and Writing concepts, and Pre-K Literacy and Math concepts. The concepts covered compliment the Reading Street curriculum and Everyday Math tools already in place at Chandler.

Special Education Social Skills Materials (Chandler)
This grant provides the Special Education department to purchase new materials from the Social Thinking curriculum to be used to support social skills development.

Gymnastics Equipment, Physical Education (Chandler)
The Chandler Physical Education Department will be able to invest in a complete overhaul of the gymnastics program with this grant funded by the DEF. New mats and equipment will provide students with the resources to take full advantage of the gymnastics unit, which offers a greater fitness gain to its students than any other unit in the curriculum.

Laptops and 30Hands Subscription (Alden) 
This grant provides Alden with laptops and 30Hands subscriptions, offering a blended learning platform that allows students and teachers to collaborate and interact in an online instructional environment.

Responsive Classroom Professional Development (Alden)
The workshop covered by this grant will train participating teachers in a Responsive Classroom approach to teaching students, to ensure success in academics.

Outdoor Science Learning Center (Alden/DMS/DHS)
This grant completes a project from 2012-2013, in collaboration with Battelle. The Outdoor Learning Center will provide learning opportunities all across the curriculum, taking advantage of the natural habitats located on and around campus, and providing students with exploratory classrooms where they can interact with the environment and observe living organisms in their natural settings.

Lego Robotics Kits (DMS)
This grant allows all Grade 6 DMS students to learn the fundamentals of Robotics as part of the STEM curriculum. The Lego Robotics Kits will also be used outside the classroom as part of the after-school Robotics Club.

Online Social Studies Game, Grade 8 (DMS)
This grant provides the 8th grade with the computers and software to play the game Banished in support of the 8th grade World History I curriculum. The game offers an enhanced learning environment as students are challenged to grow and maintain a civilization by making decisions that affect the population.

STEP/HEAL Program – Virtual Learning (DMS/DHS)
The STEP program is an innovative approach to handling the various challenges encountered in education today. A blended learning environment is a formal education program in which a student learns in part through online delivery of instruction. This grant provides an online school option for Duxbury students who miss valuable instruction time in the classroom for illness, injury or other reason.

Social Studies Interactive Maps (DMS/DHS)
StrataLogica is an internet-based, interactive suite of maps, globes and charts. This grant provides a subscription to StrataLogica, allowing students and teachers to interact with the maps, take notes on them, collaborate on projects, and make presentations.

Pottery Wheels (DHS)
The DHS Art Department will benefit from new and improved potters wheels, allowing students to focus on technique and strengthen the skill set offered through the pottery program.

Accompanist for DHS Choir (DHS)
The DHS Choral program is comprised of over 100 students involved in one or more of its four ensembles: Chamber Singers, Concert

Choir, PAC Men, and Here Comes Treble. This grant provides a part-time accompanist for rehearsals, freeing up the instructor from having to play piano, promoting interaction and the ability to provide more direct feedback for students.


In spring of 2013, the DEF funded 14 grant requests with funds being awarded to all school buildings. The total funding for 2012-2013 was $81,812 and includes the following grants:

Outdoor Science Learning Center (Alden/DMS/DHS)
This grant was a collaboration with Battelle and will provide learning opportunities all across the curriculum. The outdoor classroom will take advantage of the natural habitats located on and around campus, providing students with exploratory classrooms where they can interact with the environment and observe living organisms in their natural settings. 

T1 Nspire Navigator graphing calculators and software (DMS/DHS)
The newest, most innovative, graphing calculator technology, the TI Nspire Systems, will improve, enhance and add to student understanding of mathematical topics and concepts through a discovery-based and engaging approach. This grant supports the development of an ongoing initiative to provide students with a 21st century learning environment. 

iPads for the ELL program
This grant provides iPads as well as necessary applications to assist all ELL students. Duxbury Public Schools will gain by enhancing the ELL program and providing the ELLs with 21st century tools that will aid them to succeed academically and socially in a new culture. 

eBooks Library (Chandler)
This grant will provide eBooks at every reading level and offer benefits to both those that need extra help and those that are trying to push their limits in reading at a more advanced level. 

Mimeo Unit for the SPED program (Chandler)
This grant will allow the SPED program to better engage their students by presenting material in a fun, engaging and interactive manner. The technology will give students the opportunity to learn and practice the skills necessary to better participate in these activities in the general education classroom setting.

Digital Art Printers (DHS)
The DHS Art Department will benefit from a new, large format printer and two high quality photography printers. These printers will benefit students in every level of digital art and most especially those students submitting their work to the AP board.

iPad cart (Chandler)
This grant builds on the 2012 DEF grant to fund iPads for kindergarten students. These additional iPads allow students to continue to have the access that they had during kindergarten and work on meaningful, long term projects. 

iPad cart (Alden)
The additional iPads at Alden will enable students to engage in more, longer-term learning activities that require access to technology both to gather information and to create it.

iPads and apps for SPED program (Alden)
This grant will compliment classroom instruction in both reading and language development, create a more definitive connection to the curriculum as a familiar and motivational learning tool, and provide our students with special needs with skills that are practiced in a familiar and authentic format.

Tetrix Robotics Set (DMS/DHS)
The Tetrix sets will be used in the classroom and in Robotics Club and will allow additional opportunities to introduce STEMs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) into the robotics curriculum.

Seismology equipment and training (DMS)
This project is operated by Weston Observatory, a research laboratory of the Department of Geology and Geophysics at Boston College, in partnership with the Boston College Lynch School of Education. The program introduces students to the nature of scientific inquiry and to the importance of science in their everyday lives. 

Social skills program, partnering with the DSU (DMS)
Duxbury Student Union youth counselors, along with DMS administration, will monitor lunchtime and engage students, providing conversation, creative seating plans, and encouragement to ensure that kids feel safe, involved and included.

Updated iPad History apps (DMS)
This grant will enable Duxbury Middle School Social Studies students the opportunity to integrate existing iPad technology into the curriculum through appropriate application purchase and installation.

Beginning steel drum set for the music department (DMS/DHS)
This grant will allow the first phase of creating a steel drum band in the Duxbury High School and will expand the world music curriculum and allow Duxbury music students to gain an understanding of another culture.


DMS/DHS Geography/History Virtual Online Curricula $21,472.00

This grant impacts Grade, 6,8, & 9 history and geography classes for virtual geography and world history instruction.  This grant not only included the curricula, but laptop and ipad carts as well.

DMS Go Math-Lease of MacBook Station $11,100.00

This grant was fundedto fully implement Go Math!differentiated online classroom, it included laptops which can also be used with other already acquired applications/licenses (Discovery Education, Study Island).

DHS Fully equipped Environmental Science Lab $10,000

The DEF is also honored to receive a $10,000 donation from Battelle which will support Duxbury High School environmental courses to develop a fully equipped environmental lab in 2012.  Through this generous gift Battelle continues to support the science curriculum in key environmental science coursework while improving overall teaching and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education.

Chandler iPad Cart $4,975.00

The goal is to give students the ability to produce and understand content for every subject area – literacy, math, science, and social studies. The simple interface of the iPad would enable all students, even pre-schooler’s, to use them.

District Professional Development/Mass Cue Evaluators Program $4,000.00

Helps key staff learn how to effectively evaluate impact of technology initiative and how to refine professional development activities to take further strategic advantage of technology.


Alden Professional Development/Responsive Classroom $3,794.00

This 5 day workshop will train participating teachers and administrators in Responsive Classroom approach to teaching students with social development to ensure success in academics.

DMS Math-Fathom software $1,500.00

Fathom Dynamic Data Software for Real World Mathematics this is a student focused application to create connections between statistical data and mathematical concepts

Chandler General Education /Social Thinking $1,268.95

This grant was funded to supply every classroom at Chandler with Five Point Scale” :a set of tools to assist children with regulation of social and behavioral concerns.  The program includes a “Five Point Scale” in each classroom.  The scale is a visual queue to help students recognize, express, and manage emotions.  Grant also includes various books to be used by students and training materials for teachers. This is currently being used in select classrooms with great success.  It can be applied to any student.

Alden Library Listening Library $650.00

This grant funded books that can be used independently at home or in small groups in classroom. The grant would support all students by providing an aid to help with critical listening and interpretive reading and provide a read aloud model.  The books would be utilized by all students at varying reading levels and would encourage students to select challenging books that may be above their reading levels.