The DEF Board of Trustees is made up of volunteers. Trustees are elected by the members of the board to serve three-year terms. The DEF Board of Trustees meets monthly to plan fundraising events, and to review and administer funds for educational grants submitted for consideration.

The Duxbury Education Foundation Board of Trustees 2016 – 2017

President Heidi Felago
Vice President Katie Kane
Clerk Megan Cerow
Finance Liz Bayston
Publicity Michelle Kelly

Jeff McDermott
Erin Miele
Kealy O’Brien
John Pratt
Pete Scott
Trisha Stravin
Christine Sovik
David Uitti

Will Berry
Christine Burke
Amanda Crowley
Bava Daly
Martha Dennison
Krista Donnelly
Pam Earle
Stephanie Gagnon