Grant Criteria

DEF funds two types of grants:  educational project grants and professional development grants.  See below for the criteria for each.

Educational Project Grants

A proposal is appropriate for a DEF educational project grant if it:

  • Displays innovative/creative educational ideas and programs
  • Enriches or enhances existing educational programs
  • Provides students with learning experiences that encourage creative thought processes and problem solving skills
  • Is a student-driven proposal
  • Consistent with curriculum goals of the school system, where applicable
  • Includes clearly-defined goals, activities, outcomes
  • Fosters school/community relationships
  • Impacts a significant number of students/residents
  • Falls outside the regular municipal or school budgeting process
  • Encourages leadership and creativity in teachers, administrators and students


  • Applicants must be staff of the Duxbury Public School system


  • Applicants can be from community organizations with compelling proposal


DEF WILL consider funding:

  • Equipment, supplies, and materials necessary for implementation. 
  • Training, if required, for implementation of the project
  • Consultants or outside speakers. 
  • Workshop fees. 
  • Stipends.


  • Salaries or substitute teachers. 
  • Routine supplies and operating costs (e.g., text books, utilities, building maintenance). 
  • Refreshments
  • Lobbying or religious purposes
  • Scholarships
  • Sales Tax (the DEF will provide you with a tax-exempt I.D. number in order to purchase materials)
  • Grants are not intended to replace or relieve existing responsibility for public funding, nor are they intended to substitute for normal budget growth and maintenance. 

Professional Development Grants

A proposal is appropriate for a DEF professional development grant if it:

    • Improves practice, curriculum, and student achievement. 
    • Demonstrates application to professional growth and renewal. 
    • Leads to development of creative educational programs. 
    • Allows teacher to broaden knowledge and skills. 
    • Explores new and innovative teaching methods. 
    • Leads to collaboration with colleagues and students, potentially across disciplines and grade levels. 
    • Recipients are required to exercise professional leadership by sharing their new learning with their colleagues.


    • Applicants must have been teaching in the Duxbury Public Schools for at least three (3) years. 
    • Grant recipients must plan to remain teaching in the Duxbury Public Schools for two (2) years after completion of their project. 
    • Teachers may apply individually or as part of a group. 
    • Coordinator, Director, Assistant Superintendent or Department Chair (where applicable) and Principal must indicate that the Professional Development opportunity is appropriate 

    DEF WILL consider funding:

    • Conference registration fees. 
    • Travel to and from conferences and research sites outside the local area. 
    • Consultants or speakers in educational fields to work with teachers. 

    DEF WILL NOT fund:

    • Coursework toward degrees. 
    • Regular curriculum development normally funded by the school budget. 
    • Stipends or substitute teachers. 
    • Refreshments.